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COVID-19 UPDATE - 23/03/20

Following the government directives over the last couple of days we have decided that it would be irresponsible to keep running our normal services.  So as of 21/03/2020 along with our classes (which had already stopped) we are suspending all other services that could result in face to face contact or non-essential journeys in a bid to stop the spread of the virus and help keep everyone safe.  

This includes PRIVATE GYM HIRE which on the face of it seems like a good idea at this time but unfortunately it is not possible to guarentee a virus free environment even with thorough cleaning and wiping down between clients especially with the high demand it has already created.  This will remain the same until the government can relax the restrictions which allows people to move about a bit more freely again.



In the meantime we are running online programmes, including 'Exercise at Home' from £20  for 4 weeks worth of exercise plans or a Personalised (Goal Specific) Training Programme from £25 for 4 weeks programming.  All programmes are run through the online training platform PT Distinction.  This enables us to supply you with a full fitness programme that can be adapted to suit your requirements, video exercise demonstrations and descriptions so you can work on using correct form which will reduce the risk of injury, regular scheduling so you know when to complete sessions (tailored around your lifestyle) and session check-ins so you keep on track and are accountable for what you do.  There are also tracking options to help you focus on your targets and monitor your progress whether that's behavioural (habit(s): hitting your weekly session target) or outcome (reaching physiological or performance landmarks) based you can see where you are and what you need to modify (if anything) to continue your journey.  On top of this you will have access to a messenger/email service to contact me for motivation, support or to answer any questions you might have. 

Depending on the package, you can choose to include one to one sessions with me over Zoom or Skype (these can be add-ons to the basic online package if you only wanted sporadic contact sessions).   


Our Boxing Fit Style Classes are running on Tuesdays at 5pm and Fridays at 6:15pm, it costs £4 for a 30min session and is delivered over Zoom (which is free to set-up).  If you are interested please get in touch and I will send you out the details of how to sign up with us and the link to join the class.


We are also offering options to purchase and follow our 'Social Fitness' sessions  at £4 per class (emailed) as well as posting some FREE fun sessions for kids...and their parents/guardians to join in with on our Facebook page so if you're stuck for ideas to keep active during this time go and check them out. 


Hope that explains things and answers the majority of questions I've been fielding of late but if you have any other training or exercise based questions please get in touch and we will do our best to help you out.


Stay Safe and Stay Active,


Best Wishes,

Ric & Rachel

Welcome to Ric Mash Fitness and Personal Training

'Encouraging healthy lives through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching'

North Walsham - Norfolk 

Welcome to Ric Mash PT,


At Ric Mash Personal Training we provide fitness training and coaching options for people of all ages, abilities and budgets.


Our main objective is to encourage our clients to reach their full potential and perform at their best in their everyday lives by helping them to develop their physical and mental fitness along with promoting better nutritional and lifestyle habits to make successful long term change.


We work towards making all our training and coaching programmes and sessions as individually client centred as possible and it is our aim to provide a friendly, welcoming, respectful and non-judgemental environment, whether that's for 1 to 1, small groups, private gym hire or at our Social Fitness Group Classes. 


As part of this we have created a small but unique private training facility comprising of a well equipped gym and an outdoor training area split between hard standing (concrete) and grass which allows for a number of training options especially in good weather.


The set-up has been designed specifically to cater for people who are uncertain or not confident of making use of a bigger box style gym but still want the opportunity to train and increase their fitness levels.  You can choose to train in a way that suits you best and fits into your lifestyle and as you get exclusive use of the gym it means that you will be away from the gaze of other gym goers (unless you have training buddies of course!).     


The coaching solutions we provide can be individually crafted to fit in with most people's budgets, so as long as the programme(s) are adhered to the results should still be positive.  


Our Personal Coaching packages are generally 1 to 1 and include the exclusive use of our private fitness facility in North Walsham however mobile training is also available so you can train at home or outside if you prefer.


We also offer pre-booked small group physical fitness training or circuit style sessions, a Social Fitness Group and private gym hire for up to 3 people.

   So whatever your choice we look forward to working with you...                                  

Coaching & Fitness

Personal Coaching

Small Groups, Circuits & Social Fitness

Private Gym Hire

Ric's Mission - Personal Coaching

"It is my goal to provide my clients with the necessary tools, motivation and support to help them reach their personal fitness, health and performance goals.  I aim to achieve this by helping them assess and review their performance and outcome goals, provide education, nutritional and lifestyle advice and accountability in a sensibly constructed coaching programme to fit into every client's daily routine".  (Ric Mash BSc, Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer) Full Bio & Qualifications

Our Clients 


Personal Training

"Ric, I suppose the fact that I've Just paid for another 10 sessions shows I'm happy with the way things are going.  I've already noticed a difference in my cardio recovery from ordinary tasks.  I'd say based on my experience of PTs you've got it right - you know what needs doing, how far to push, and when to give that 'little bit more'!"   Male, 57, North Norfolk


Social Fitness

"I started coming to social fitness at the end of the lose some baby weight...which I have more or less achieved.  My only concern was not being fit enough to keep up with the others but when I got there I realised it was for all fitness levels and everyone was friendly and non-judgemental.  I love the way Ric and Rach have something different every week as well as the social side of it too, everyone is very friendly [and I've] defintately [gained] an increase in self confidence which I really struggle with".  Steph (2018)


Private Hire

"Myself and my friend have been taking advantage of Ric’s private gym hire for a while now. We enjoy the freedom of the space and set up our own circuits. Ric has a good range of equipment suitable to all levels. We have recently had some individual sessions with Ric, tailored to areas we want to strengthen. Ric is a great PT and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others who are looking for a tailored and friendly programme."  Annabel (2018)


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