What Our Clients Say...

" I started going to Social Fitness in the summer of 2018, and really enjoyed the ciruits and learning new activities.  I was a bit apprehensive and a complete beginner - I hadn't done anything like this since I was at school - but within a few months I knew I was walking faster for longer distance and felt better for being  fitter... In summary, Ric is knowledgable, encouraging and helpful and has worked hard to help me make progress with my fitness. Thank you, Ric!"


H.A. (2020)


"Ric provides a personalised fitness service suitable for people of all shapes, sizes and abilities.  He is a highly knowledgable and encouraging PT, ensuring each individual reaches their own goals.  I have trained with Ric for a couple of years now and he continues to provide interesting and varied sessions even after all this time!  If you are looking for a social fitness group, 1 to 1 training, weights or a personalised fitness programme - Ric comes highly recommended."


Stacey, 30s

"Ric has helped me no end as I'm not a very confident person.  His sessions have not only helped me with this but also my physical well being.  He is easy to get on with and Mrs Mash and him work hard to make clients feel welcome and at ease."


Female (60s)

"I really value the PT sessions with Ric.  My friend and I book a weekly session and each week get the opportunity to work on any area we like.  Also really enjoy using the private hire gym at Ric's and booking this using the easy omline booking system.  I also do the boxing class which has been great for my strength and aerobic fitness which has defintely improved my running.  During lockdown I have been doing the weights and boxing classes via Zoom and these have been great to keep my fitness levels up... Ric provides a friendly and support[ive] atmosphere which is fun and laidback but is able to push you when needed."


Katie D. (2020)

"I have used Ric Mash PT for some years.  Their friendly, supportive outlook has encouraged me to push myself to new levels of fitness and improve my wellbeing, flexibility and core strength.  I have used private hire, boxing and weights classes on Zoom, [the] core strength course and Social Fitness.  Each time Ric (and Rachel) have made adjustments to the activities to meet individual clients needs allowing people of all fitness levels to participate together.  If you want to get fit but don't like busy gyms or loud, pushy trainers then this is the place for you and your family."


Georgina P. (Mother and Grandmother).

"Been loving Ric's Zoom classes during lockdown, gave me the commitment to carry on training.  He adapts the exercises to suit the individual while pushing us to do the best we can to compete... circuits are my thing but Ric carefully explains each station and offers alternatives to suit individual needs.  He will also discretely correct to make sure injuries are avoided, which is great and not very often found in classes!  Each week is different and fun, and very affordable."


J.H. (2020)

" I started Social Fitness nearly two years ago.  From the moment I first walked through the door I was made to feel very welcome.  Ric is great, so supportive and will gently encourage, but will also modify to suit your needs.  Social Fitness is a lot of fun, different activities and circuits eacg week... I have certainly felt the difference in myself since attending and feel much healthier than I did If there are particular parts of the body you want to tone etc, Ric is happy to work out a session accordingly.  Really couldn't ask for anything more, so a big thank you from me."


L.C. (2020)

"Many thanks to Ric for the tailored sessions he provided over Christmas.  A mixture of cardio and resistance helped me increase my strength and fitness while I was on leave.  His focus on technique and invaluable expertise have helped me prepare for my next phase of training."


Tom, (Royal Engineer)

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