Personal Coaching 

Bespoke Personal Coaching Programmes

At Ric Mash PT we provide fully customisable personal coaching programmes designed specifically to help you reach your goals. 

Every plan is built in conjunction with the client taking into account all areas of their lives and base fitness levels. 


This approach to coaching is designed to get the best results for every client and our programmes are generally focused around four key areas that are required for long lasting success. 


It has been identified that exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and the correct mindset play a massive part in goal achievement and our aim therefore is to provide clients with the education, tools, motivation and support they need to be successful in all these areas. 


Our personal coaching packages are fully flexible and the one to one sessions can be tailored to prioritise the specific areas you want to work on at any given time. So for example if you have two sessions a week you can choose to split or mix them between the key areas above. 


The initial coaching process starts with a one to one consultation to establish your individual goals and an outline of how to progress in a manner that will suit you best. 

This will generally be followed up by completing any relevant questionnaires and analysis to gain more specific details around your targets and the support you will need to achieve them. This includes the type and number of coaching sessions or meetings per week/month as well as exercise, nutrition and habit based 'homework'. 

Delivery is predominately one to one (in person or online via Zoom or Skype) with online support via the PT Distinction personal training app which provides extra accountability and motivation by sending your exercise, nutrition and habit based programme(s) directly to your phone,tablet or mobile device so you can easily log and stay on top of your progress wherever you are. 


All training packages include access to the Training/Coaching  App to keep you on track with your coaching programme and allow you to monitor and record progress which will help motivate you towards achieving your goals.  Once you've signed up you also get free access to the PTminder App so you can check in and book sessions at times suitable for you.

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