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News 2019

Seated Exercise Demonstration - Ideal for those who find it difficult to be fully mobile.

North Walsham Big Bash 2019

On Saturday 18th May 2019 we took part in the Big Bash event in the community centre which gave local residents the chance to see what activities, support, charities and businesses are available in the town for them to get involved in. 

Social Fitness 2019 - A Good Start to the Year

We saw a good turn out for our first Social Fitness session of the new year at a fantastic new venue, Yendell's Health & Wellness Hub in North Walsham.

The group took part in a circuit style session using kettlbells and bodyweight exercises which included a 'Dirty Thirty' circuit where they were encouraged to complete 30 reps of each exercise, if they succeeded they moved onto a 'Twenty's Plenty' circuit followed by 'Tick off the Ten's', which I think everybody reached.

The session finished with a friendly but competitive cone reaction game (pictured). 

If you fancy coming along to check us out the class starts at 6:15pm on Monday nights at Yendell's Health & Wellness Hub.

If you want more details drop us a message or check out our Facebook page.


Members' Views

"The social fitness classes are great fun, with friendly competition and encouragement. An ideal way to get back into fitness or to start your fitness journey - highly recommended." - SB

"It was a fun session" - JW         

"Loved it !.," - JH


Social Fitness Group Jan '19

After a successful 12 week stint at Bacton Village Hall an exciting opportunity has arisen to move the social fitness classes back to North Walsham  at a fantastic new health and fitness venue. 

From Monday 7th January 2019 we will be at Yendell's Health and Wellness Hub which is a great new facility situated on Folgate Road on the industrial estate. 

The hub is an ideal setting for us as it embodies our ethos and beliefs of creating a non-judgmental fitness environment for all. 

So if you would like to join us for our fun and friendly circuit and game style sessions get in touch or pop down at 6:15 on a Monday evening to check it out. 

News 2018

Our Social Fitness Group has moved indoors to Bacton Village Hall for the winter, we still offer fun and varied circuit based sessions so you can have a great time whilst getting active.


Sessions run on a Monday at 7:15pm so if you're interested in joining us just drop me a message. 

Social Fitness Group

Our Social Fitness Sessions run on a Monday night at 7pm and Tuesday morning at 9:30am.


Sessions are designed to promote fitness and exercise as being fun and working with your friends or as part of a group can definitely do this, it can also add an element of competition too.


Each session is varied with different exercises and activities so there is something for everyone.


All ages and abilities are welcome so if you're interested please get in touch to find out more.  

Full Time Training Coming in June '18


As of 11th June 2018 we will have a wider range of time slots available for existing and new clients to take advantage of, this will open up the opportunity for you to train more flexibly around your schedule (although still on a first come first served basis) or if you prefer to plan things in advance there will also be more options to book ongoing weekly slots at the same time and day.


As part of the changes to our services we are looking at running a few small group circuit/ training sessions each week for up to a maximum of 4 people... the circuits would be based on general fitness and conditioning to start with for general populations although if a group of like-minded people wanted to get together to train for a specific event then that could be considered too.


If anyone is interested check out our Facebook page and comment or alternatively contact us via the email here. 

Check back here regularly to find out what's going on at Ric Mash PT.

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