Small Groups, Circuits and Social Fitness

Small Groups & Circuits

Circuit training is a great form of conditioning that can improve strength, endurance and flexibility and is a good way to lose fat while maintaining or even increasing muscle size.  Our circuits are generally based around High Intensity / Interval Training and are designed to get the most out of every exercise in a short space of time so that your body goes on burning calories up to 24 hours later. 

We offer circuits for all levels and abilities and include a wide range of equipment in different styles, so if you fancy something along the lines of a 'bootcamp' / outdoor session or if you'd prefer a more traditional style then we can provide it.

30 or 60 minute sessions are avaialble to fit in with your schedule so you don't have to worry about making a class each week.

Benefits of Small Groups & Circuits

  • Quick
  • Variety
  • All Abilities (On the Spot Progression/Regression)
  • Work to your Levels
  • Ability to Train with others (Friendly and Supportive Atmoshpere)
  • Provides Challenges and Competition (against self or others if needed)
  • Improves Fitness
  • Increases Confidence
  • Smaller Groups (2-3 People)
  • Greater Individual Focus
  • Tailored for the Group
  • Private Use of the Gym/Outdoor Area for Your Sessions

Introducing Our Social Fitness Group

Our Social Fitness Group is great if you like having fun and meeting people while you exercise. 

We started the group in May 2018 with a view to bring a different dynamic to fitness classes in the local area.  The main aim was to encourage people of all ages and abilities to get together and enjoy being active.

In the summer the sessions take place outside at our private gym which enables us to promote a relaxed and friendly atmoshpere.

The group has continued to develop to the extent that we were able to move inside over the winter where we have continued to see our numbers grow.

"Our Social Fitness Group is all about having fun and getting fitter, our classes are aimed at all ages, abilities and genders although you do need to have an element of mobility to get the most out of the sessions.  We use circuit style training and games and really push the social side so everyone feels included in what we do." (Ric & Rachel)


Sessions last 60 minutes and currently run from 6:15pm on a Monday evening at Yendell's Health and Wellness Hub (Unit 12a, Folgate Road, North Walsham) cost £5 per person.


New members are always welcome, so If you think social fitness is for you check out our facebook page or follow the link below to request more details. 


                         Social Fitness Group 

Circuit & Small Group Training Prices

Session   Price £
PAYGo Solo Circuits 60 min   10.00
PAYGo Solo Circuits 30 min   8.00
PAYGo Small Group Circuits/Training 60 min (2-4 People)  


(per person)


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